Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm
Specialty Fruits

 The small fruit family contains many interesting and productive species that take up relatively little space for growers.  They form a seemingly endless pattern as the seasons progress, while providing you with a bounty of fresh, chemical-free fruit.

 Our Specialty Fruit offerings:


Black Chokeberry

Black Chokeberry is similar to Red Chokeberry except the fruit is blackish purple, very handsome.  Very adaptable to wet or dry conditions.  Fall color is wine-red.

Red Chokeberry

Grown for its brilliant scarlet fall color & profuse production of fruits.  Upright, spreading, multi-stemmed shrub produces clusters of white to pinkish flowers, followed by glossy red fruits that ripen in late summer & persist into winter.



Quince trees are very long lived and have a beautiful, gnarly, twisted appearance.  The quince fruit is a round golden-colored relative of the apple.  The appearance of the mature fruit differs depending on the climate.  Colder regions develop fruits with woolly, rough rinds, while in warmer climates the rind loses its woolly character.  The quince is valued for its high pectin content and is used frequently in jams, jellies, and cosmetics.  It is known for its intense, sweet, candy-like scent.  In fact, fruits are so fragrant that a single one can fill a room with its rich scent.  Matures at 10 to 12 feet.


Kiwis are cultivated as ornamentals and for their edible fruit.  They climb by twinning; most species are quite vigorous and capable fo growing to a large size, so trellises need to be provided.  Plants are long-lived, having been known to produce fruit for at least 60 years.  The fruit can contain several times as much vitamin C, ounce for ounce, as citrus fruits.  Of the Hardy Kiwis we offer both male and female vines.  Only female plants will produce fruit, but male vines are needed for pollination.  We also offer a selection call Issai that produces both female and male flowers, and will self-pollinate.  It bears long fruit to 1 3/4 " in length, often the first year after planting.


Pomegranate 'Wonderful'


Pomegranate 'Wonderful' is the oldest of the commercial cultivars.  The fruit is very large, dark purple-red, with medium-thick rind; deep-red, juicy, winey pulp.  Fruit will lst for weeks without refrigeration and does not discolor or bruise easily.  Self-fertile.  Matures 10 to 15 feet.  Zone 7-9.