Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm
Farm Staff

Virginia Berry Farm, Inc. is managed by a professional staff and a core staff of permanent employees. Here are brief descriptions of their responsibilities and contact information.  We also employ a number of seasonal workers who perform specific tasks but the people described below are a permanent part of our farm and their work is critical to us.

The new owner of Virginia Berry Farm is Scott Smythe.  He has been in the Horticulture industry for 15 years as a grower, buyer and salesman for several large nurseries.


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Our nursery manager is Matt Goldman.  Matt brings 10 years of nursery management and growing experience to VBF.


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Lindsey Smythe is our office manager, responsible for A/P and A/R.  She has been in the horticulture industry for over 15 years and is a landscape designer certified by the Virginia Society of Landscape Designers.


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