Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm

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Virginia Berry Farm is pleased to offer the following apple selections:

Braeburn apples have a rich, sweet-tart, spicy flavor.   Color  varies from orange to red over a yellow background.  They are great for snacking and baking.  Stores well.



Cortland apples have smooth, shiny skin, a  flush of crimson against a pale yellow background sprinkled with short, dark red stripes.  They have a crisp texture and a sweet-tart flavor.  They stay white longer after cutting than most other apples.  Excellent for eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking.



Crispin is a dual-purpose apple - great for baking & pleasant to eat.  Yellowish-green skin with creamy white flesh.  A huge apple - a meal in itself!  Requires a pollinator.

 Empire is a cross between Red Delicious and McIntosh and contains flavor characteristics of both parents.  It is a medium apple and round in shape with a creamy white interior.

Fuji is a Japanese apple with American parents, combining the color, juice & firmness of the Red Delicious with the heirloom flavor of the Ralls Jennet.  It is a distinctive combination of red blush striped with green & yellow.  Fuji is large & very sweet with a firm, crisp texture. Excellent for eating fresh or for pies & sauces.  Partially self-pollinating.  Late season.


Gala apples boast a distinctuve red-orange color and yellow stripes.  It's yellow-white flesh is crisp & juicy, wonderful fresh or in sauce.  requires a pollinator.  Late season.



Golden Delicious is a popular variety.  The large, sweet yellow fruit has a juicy white flesh and good storage life.  These are great for the lunch box, in pies, sauces, apple butter, anything that calls for sliced, cooked apples.  This self-pollinator is an idea  pollinator for Red Delicious and other varieties.  Early Season.


Granny Smith is a green cooking apple known for its tart, crisp and juicy flavor.  This fruit is large and round with an outstanding shelf life.  Requires a pollinator.  Late season.



Honeycrisp is an excellent all around apple.  The fruit is a mottled red over a yellow background.  The flesh is crisp & juicy, with a sweet-tart flavor.  Very cold hardy.  Requires a pollinator.



Jonathan is a very dependable producer of glossy, bright red apples with snappy, crisp flesh - great for a snack or for candy apples.  Self-pollinating.  Late season.


Macoun apples range from maroon to green with dull red blush with some white spots.  They are crispy and juicy with a sweet-tart flesh.  They are perfect with a little cheese and wine.  Macoun apples are also great for salads and sauce.



Northern Spy (or Northern Pie) apples are red skinned streaked with yellow. The white flesh is very juicy, crisp, tender and sweet with a rich, aromatic flavor.   It is a good dessert apple and pie apple - also used for cider.  Excellent apple for storage.

The thick skin of the Rome apple is solid bright to deep red in color. Its creamy yellow flesh is crisp and dense offering a mildly sweet and tangy flavor with a slightly flora aroma.  One of the best cooking apples on the market.


Pink Lady is medium in size and conical in shape, with a distinctive pink blush over a yellow background. The fine-grained flesh of this apple is crisp and crunchy and, because it does not brown easily after being cut, Pink Lady is a excellent in fruit salads. When eaten out-of-hand, the first bite tastes pleasantly tart and is followed by a delicious sweetness.


Red Delicious is the apple of everyone's eye!  Its red striped to solild red skin, the classic heart shape and crisp, delicious flavor make it a classic snack.  Requires a pollinator.  Late season.

Red McIntosh is a cold hardy apple, native to Canada.  This variety gives apple sauce and cider a spicy kick.  Requires a pollinator.  Mid-season.


Winesap apples are small, very firm, and crisp.  They have a slightly spicy flavor that's great for eating and baking.  An excellent storage apple.  A tasty shack - perfect with wine & cheese or cut upinto salads.  Requires a pollinator.

York apples are known for their intense tart/sweet flavor, firm flesh and distinctive lopsided shape.  They have a flavor that is sweet yet slightly tart. An excellent choice for baked desserts or for dishes cooked on the stovetop, since it holds its shape and flavor well when cooked.