Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm

Virginia Berry Farm is pleased to offer the following Peach varieties:


Belle of Georgia is a reliable producer of large, pink-blushed, freestone, sweet, aromatic fruit.  The classic white peach.  Self-pollinating.  Matures at 15-20 feet.

Elberta is the best-known yellow canning peach.  This juicy, delicious, med-season variety is good for eating, cooking and freezing.  Self-pollinating.

Hale Haven is a freestone yellow peach, great as a table fruit or for baking.  Self-pollinating.

Red Haven peaches have a wonderful red color over a yellow background.  Juicy and sweet - an all-purpose peach.

Reliance is one of the most cold-hardy - good for tough peach-growing areas.  Bears medium to large fruit with a sweet, mild flavor.  Zones 4-8.

Suncrest produces large, red freestone peaches.  The flesh is yellow and exceptionally firm with good texture and flavor.  The free is vigorous, self-fertile, and a consistent producer with frost hardy blossoms.

Vivid is a high-yielding, producing bright red, sweet, high quality, freestone fruit.  The tree is productive and vigorous.  Fruit ripens mid-season 5 to 7 days after Red Haven.