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Virginia Berry if pleased to offer the following Pear varieties:


Ayers is a medium-sized, yellow pear with a red blush.  The fruit has so much natural sugar it melts in your mouth.  Partially self-pollinating.


Bartlett is a medium to large pear most commonly used for canning.  The fruit is tender, juicy, buttery and of high dessert quality.  Requires a pollinator.



Comice pears are among the sweetest and juiciest of all varieties of pears. Their flesh is silky soft, and creamy in texture, abundantly full of juice, and very sweet.



D’Anjou is truly an all-purpose pear. They are juicy when ripe, and their subtle sweetness hints at a refreshing lemon-lime flavor. Their dense flesh holds up well in heated applications like baking, poaching, or roasting.



Keiffer is a greenish-yellow pear with a red blush.  The sweet, juicy flesh is hard, making this a good pear for canning.



Moonglow is a Bartlett-type pear.  The flavor is at its best when the pear is yellow-green.  The fruity fragrance heightens the enjoyment.  A great pollinator for other pears.


Not to be confused with Asian pears, the Orient is a domestic variety named because of its large round shape that is similar to that of Asian pears. The Orient pears have yellow skin with smooth textured, sweet, firm, juicy, white flesh. The Orient pear does best with a pollinator such as Bartlett, Kieffer, or Moonglow.



Red Bartlett is similar to Bartlett, but with a dark red blush.  The large fruit is highly flavorful and juicy.  It should be picked just before ripening.  Requires a pollinator.



Seckel's firm flesh makes it excellent for both cooking and canning. This pear sometimes goes by "Sugar Pear" because of its sugary sweetness. The fruit is small with a rich yellow-brown skin when ripe.  Self-pollinating.