Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm

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Virginia Berry Farm is pleased to offer the following Cherry varieties:


Balaton is a tart red cherry, superb for pies and juice.  Partially self-pollinating.



Bing is a very large cherry, ranging in color from deep garnet to almost black.  These sweet, juicy fruits are wonderful eaten fresh or baked into pies.  Matures at 20 feet.  Requires a pollinator. Early season.  Zones 4-8

 Black Tartarian

Black Tartarian has medium-sized Purplish-black sweet cherries, smaller than Bing, but just as flavorful.  Requires a pollinator. 



Lapins produces large crops of delicious, mahoghany-red cherries.  Self-fertile.



Montmorency is a the most popular sour cherry.  The medium-sized, bright red fruit is great for cooking, freezing, and preserving.  Matures at 15 feet.  Self-pollinating.  Early season.  Zones 3-9.

North Star

North Star boasts attractive, richly colored bark and petite white flowers in spring, followed by an abundant production of juicy, dark red fruit.   These plump, tart cherries are considered ideal for baking, but are delicious eaten fresh off of the tree as well.




Ranier Cherries are one of the sweetest and tastiest of all cherries and can be a dessert all by themselves!  They are large, firm and have yellow and red blush coloring.  Its distinct flavor and heavy production makes it a favorite among home-gardeners and orchard owners.  Requires a pollinaor.  Mid season.  Zones 4-8

Royal Ann

Royal Ann is very sweet - used to make maraschinos.  The fruit is large and firm - yellow with a red blush and colorless juice.  Great for eating, canning & preserves.  Requires a pollinator.



Stella has large, nearly black, sweetly flavored fruit, excellent for fresh eating.  This self-pollinator is a good pollinator for Bing and other cherries.  Matures at 15 feet.  Mid-season.  Zones 5-9.


Sweetheart bears a bright red, medium-sized cherry with good flavor.  This is a self-fertile variety that bears annually.


 Cherry Van

Van is a prolific bearer of large, sweet black fruit.  An excellent pollinator.  Very hardy.  Requires a pollinator.  Zone 4-9.