Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm

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Virginia Berry Farm is pleased to offer the following Plum varieties:


Burbank is a Japanese-type plum with large, firm, sweet-tasting, crimson colored fruit.  Semi-freestone, meaning it partially separates from the pit.  Requires a pollinator.  Mid-season.

 Green Gage

Green Gage is a medium, oval plum that is mildly sweet and juicy.  The golden yellow fruits blush to a lovely rose color as they fully ripen.  Heavy producing and self-fertile.  Will not pollinate Burbank or Santa Rosa.



Methley produces a large, sweet purple fruit with blood red, juicy flesh.  A heavy bearer.  Self-fruitful.


Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is a medium-large, round, crimson to purplish-red plum with amber flesh - a very good eating plum.  Partially self-pollinating.  A great pollinator for Burbank.




Stanley, a prune prune type plum, produces fruits that are oval, deep purple skinned with a golden, freestone flesh - sweet and juicy.  Self-fertile.