Blueberry Bush Virginia Berry Farm
Blueberries Southern

Southern Highbush Zones 5-9 

Early Season

· O’Neal is considered by many to offer the best flavor of all Southern Highbush blueberries.  This self-fertile bush bears attractive, large, very sweet fruit, followed by orange and wine colored fall foliage and red stems.  Berry quality does not deteriorate under high temperatures.  Matures 4-6 feet.

· Misty is rated the best by many for yield, flavor and fruit quality.  It is also an excellent landscape choice.  The blue-green foliage is a perfect foil for the pink and white spring flowers.  The medium-sized sky blue fruit are sweetly delicious.  Yields are best when it is planted with other varieties.  Matures 4-6 feet.





· Blueridge bears large, firm, light blue fruit on a vigorous, productive, upright plant.  Matures 5– 30 inches.

· Jubilee has proven itself in heavy soils, summer heat, and sudden cold winter temperatures.  This self-fertile blueberry produces medium-sized, sweet, sky blue berries borne in large clusters, ripening over a two-week period. Matures 5-6 feet.

· Sunshine Blue is the ultimate edible ornamental.  New leaves are sky-blue maturing to blue gray, a great foil for the beautiful pink flowers.  It produces dark blue fruit over a long season.  This semi-evergreen, self-fertile shrub is well-suited to patio or container gardens.  Matures 3-4 feet.